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Ricky Vaz – “A Piece Of Me” (Digital)



Ricky Vaz – “A Piece Of Me” 
($12.00) Digital Download Only

  1. No More Chances
  2. See My Tears
  3. Don’t Want to Run Out of Time
  4. That’s What It’s All About (feat. Andrea Martin)
  5. Scandalous (feat. Soko Love Baby)
  6. Start a New
  7. Moment of Love
  8. I’ve Tried
  9. These Walls (feat. Lisy)
  10. My Girl (feat. Truth)
  11. Scandalous Feat. Soko Love Baby (Hip-Hop Mix)
  12. Love Will See Us Through (feat. Marilyn Sanchez)
  13. See My Tears (Extended Mix)
  14. Start a New (Dark Matter Mix)
  15. Scandalous Feat. Soko Love Baby (House Mix)
  16. No More Chances (FX 2014 Remix)

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