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In a Class of Our Own, Vol. 3: The Class Menagerie (Digital & CD)


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This is a double CD set

In a Class of Our Own, Vol. 3: The Class Menagerie

($20.00) Digital Download Only
($25.97) CD Only

Disc 1

  1. There’s Nothing Left to Say by Jacqueline Rose & L.S.P.
  2. It’s a Sin by Reinaldo
  3. Born to Love You by E’dee & Alex of Latin Nation
  4. Good-Bye by Ricardo Vazquéz
  5. I Need You by Michelle Nieves & Eric Joel
  6. I Should Have Known by Benny Gonzaléz
  7. If Given a Chance by Victoria & Marcos
  8. Share a Night by Sito
  9. The Promise by Rolando Montalvo
  10. Love Me by Michelle Nieves
  11. Here & Now (2018 Remix) [Bonus Track] by Alex of Latin Nation

Disc 2

  1. My Reason to Live by Shirley V.
  2. Hipnotizado by Damian
  3. How Could You? by Jaidie
  4. The Way by Joey Kid
  5. Memories of Me and You by Victoria
  6. Eyes of Deception (2018 Remix) by Peter Fontaine
  7. I Want You by Andrea Martin
  8. Only Love by Ferdinan Marcos
  9. Another Lonely Night by Marcos
  10. Only Cries (88 Revisit) by Alex of Latin Nation
  11. On the Outside (Pee Pin Pete’s Remix) [Bonus Track] by Ricardo Vazquéz & Sito

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