In A Class of Our Own Vol. 1 (Digital & CD)




In A Class of Our Own Vol. 1
($15.99) CD Only($12.50) Digital Download Only

1] Take Me Higher by Susan Santiago
2] I Still Remember by Latin Nation
3] Hello by David Laboy
4] Enough by Elsie Byers
5] Looking Down On Me by Ricardo Vazquez
6] Devorame by Ferdinan Marco
7] Let’s Dance by Jacqueline Rose
8] Where Are You Now? by Pure Trend & George Anthony
9] If I Could Have You by Shirley V.
10] Can You Feel My Love? by Eric Cruz
11] Leave by Josie Vega
12] You’re the One by Jevon
13] Never by Lsp
14] Can’t Stop Loving You by Rolando Montalvo

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